We Need Your Support Better Life For Children Every Child Counts
We Need Your Support
Better Life For Children
Every Child Counts

Welcome to Front Aid Foundation!

Welcome to Front Aid Foundation. A charity home away from home. While others can only make a wish to change the life of someone in need, you have the ability to make a difference. We would like to thank you for visiting the Front Aid Foundation website. Here, we give you a chance to contribute to the community in Uganda and make an impact around the globe. Our main goal is to put to action a variety of programs which we have initiated within the organization as well as those programs that we implement in affiliation with collaborating companies, groups and charities in the community. We share this community and we believe that we also share the responsibility of taking care of its members. For those that currently do not have their needs being met in ways to promote a quality life, we provide what we can so families in need and orphaned children can gain access to:

  • Community Services
  • Social Services
  • Children Safety and Security
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Elderly Care

Volunteering Benefits

Volunteering provides many benefits to both mental and physical health. Volunteering helps counteract the effects of stress, anger, and anxiety. The social contact aspect of helping and working with others can have a profound effect on your overall psychological well-being.

What We Intend To Do

  • To support and conduct education through mentoring, health awareness and informational activities
  • To develop, improve and enhance the community unity and quality of life through daily interactions around the globe
  • To increase public awareness of juvenile delinquency
  • To prevent community deterioration

Why Choose To Give

When you give, the change that your donation can make becomes a part of you. Make a difference by sharing your blessings to the underprivileged.

Other Projects

At Front Aid Foundation there are a number of other projects we intend to introduce to the societies to see that they can sustain their homes through income generating activities. Among those activities some are listed below and how we intend to implement them.

We are to teach communities on how to make charcoal on home basis which will enable families reduce cost of fire wood which will reduce environmental degradation

Most of the families in these communities earn a living from agriculture and sensitization on soil fertility methods will enable them improve on the quality and quantity of their agricultural products

Goat Rearing


As away to improve income in families, there are different species of goats that can be reared in Uganda and these include: The Saanen and Toggenburg breeds which are commonly raised for milk and other dairy products which families can sell and raise income



This business idea is for keeping bees for production of honey and bee wax. This will help families raise revenue to help their families and also keep their children in school. Front Aid Foundation will help these famers get specialists in bee keepng to teach them modern skills.



Front Aid Foundation intends to buy seeds for farmers in the villages, distrubutes it to farmers who will plant them through the seasons and after harvesting period then the foundation will buy the harvest from the farmers for resale. This means farmers in the villages will earn income to look after their families and the country will have got more food.

Pig Farming


The largest economy in Uganda enjoys pork on a daily basis in the different parts of the country and this has made piggery a more lucrative venture and many people are earning big from it.Therefore as Front Aid foundation we intend to give out piglets to several farmers to rear and earn some money out of it.

Reviews of our partners

We're always here to give you a helping hand

Musisi Stephen Talemwa Okra Beverages

I worked with Front Aid foundation on a project in Nyenga primary school. We installed goal posts in the boys and girls play grounds. By the end of the day the activity was a success and the children where left with a smile on their faces.

Talemwa Okra Beverages

As london shoppers we volunteered with Front Aid foundation on an activity which was running on the theme "A Uganda free from HIV AIDS". The activity was called out in Bulenga and the people of the community really loved the sensitization. During the activity, free condoms were given out birth fo men and women. I really enjoyed working with you guys keep the spirit burning. Thank you.


No words but emotions...

As MV Kalangala, we were very much honored working with front Aid Foundation. We held a successful Aids awareness activity in Buvuma. Free condoms and advicing people on how they can keep them selvies aganist HIV were done and people really loved it. Thanks a lot Front Aid Foundation, We really look forward working with you again.


J&W agencies together with Front

Aid Foundation joined efforts to construct a class room block for Lugazi primary school. The project took 7months. The block was setup children started using it thus a success. As j&W we really recon Front Aid Foundation as one of the most genuine NGO in Uganda.


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